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Hi there I’m Adrián Pardini.

Adrián Pardini. That's me.

See how handsome I am?

Soon to be Electronic Engineer, Hacker, Dancer, great Coder, amazing Lover and former underwear model.

I know my way from bare metal to the userland. I have experience writing and enhancing Linux device drivers and working with libraries/toolkits such as GStreamer, MLT Framework, Jack, GObject, Gtk and OpenCV just to name a few. I am a native speaker of C and Python, fluent with Javascript and not so much with Ruby. I can also tell the difference between int * const foo and const int *foo , not that it really matters.

Other technologies I work or worked with are WebVfx, C++, node.js, Redis, MongoDB, Javascript, Backbone.js,, Socket.IO, Knockout, Mocha, Selenium, Django, Processing, openFrameworks, AngularJS, Apache Cordova and Ionic.

Yeah, I turned to the soft side. But give me some twine, enameled wire and a couple sticks and I’ll design and build whatever electronic gizmo you can dream of.

Since 2008 I’m part of Radio Futura, La Plata. Among other things we hosted a show, La Oveja Electronica with a couple of friends.

I am also a member of Solar – Software Libre Argentina.

I helped a bit the Musix project on its beginnings.

On 2011 I teamed up with the great guys of Crear – Arte y Tecnologia. We can do wonders, you should hire us.

On my free time I walk, ride my bike, do some kayaking, restore antique radios and scientific instruments and do some crafty things.

Want to say something? Send your love letters to publico @ this very same domain.

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