This 30th birthday is way better than the last one.

Near the end, when we were almost finishing packing up a police car appeared. They said someone made a complaint about noises and that we should turn it down.

By then, after a very loud party on the street, there was just a small powered speaker, so we just unplugged it. They walked away, tail between their legs, but before that took all my personal data just in case.

Kubero Díaz

Las night I had the privilege of meeting Kubero Díaz, a legend of argentinian music.

It’s refreshing seeing someone so great being so natural and friendly, without airs of big star. He talked a lot about his adventures with Jorge Pinchevsky in Europe and played many songs for us with the same energy he had on his youth.

I bought his last work, a magnificent cd with a beautiful crafted artwork, and he had the generosity of signing it.


So this happened.

I’m again at this time of the year where I need something to pull me back into sanity. I rented a car and headed to La Falda for a week of biking, nature and relax. (I was going to participate on the Endurance Race but it was cancelled due to weather conditions)

The first day I took Ruta 6 and then Ruta 9, stopping at Villa María for a nap. During the day Ruta 6 is mostly empty and even though it’s a longer ride the time saved by avoiding Capital Federal more than makes up to it.

I slept at Hostel Girando and then very early the next day resumed the trip to La Falda.

The morning was very foggy and chilly. I had to stop at a side of the route for a while as I could barely see the front of the car. After that the temperature rose giving place to a wonderful day, and I took off most of my clothes.

I checked in at the hotel and went for a walk. My head and back where killing me and I needed to stretch, drink plenty of water and breath fresh. I like driving but this one hurted me really bad.


There was this old lady at our club that used to calm discussions with this adage:

If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t. Unless it’s important.

She was very very quiet.

I have more than enough ranting material but, on the other arm of the scale I have this that makes me feel warm inside and takes away all the pain.

A while ago one of my Best Friends published his first album, Clusterobvia.

We were long out of touch despite living near and one Thursday tagged along for tea and snacks with a mutual Best Friend to catch up (quite a bizarre triangle).
He brought two copies and we discovered that our names appear on the credits with words so nice and heartwarming beyond description.

It’s so wonderful seeing the dreams of a close friend come true. I’m very guilty of keeping feelings to myself and so when reading the booklet there was such a revelation of how much we value each other.


From busted magnetron to incense holder.

It’s been a while since I made something nice.

A couple of weeks ago I spotted a neighbour taking a microwave to the curb and brought it home with me, as they are always full of useful bits. This one was not very old but of a very simple construction. It has a mechanical timer that makes a lovely ‘ding’ when finished. It also went through a bit of hard love.

Cavity magnetrons are very cool devices. Besides providing a couple of strong magnets and aluminum plates they are made of a very pure copper allow with interesting shapes.

From time to time I like to burn some lignum vitae and upon opening this one I knew what to make of it. I chucked it on the drill press, gave it several passes of wet sandpaper and then a cloth with polishing compound. It took quite a good shine but the handling with greasy hands is giving it a light patina. The holes are filled with glow in the dark paint. I haven’t managed yet to capture the effect but they look quite good at night (and also with uv light).

I left the rest without a final polish, partly as a testament of its origins and also because probably I’ll make a cherry wood stand for it.

Ayer me olvidé una zapatilla en tu casa…

… no sé qué pasa .

Most of the times I sleep at someone else’s place I forget something, like a sock or a handkerchief. Some do that on purpose to have an excuse for coming back but I’m a different kind of creep. I’m just Clumsy.

Last weekend I forgot an Ankh Cross.

It’s been a while since I had time to make something, take pictures and write about it so I’ll just post some old ones from the making of said cross. The rest can be found at flickr.

Ankh made out of scrap aluminum from a hard disk

Title courtesy of Mostruo! – Tu culpa

Olvidando. Otra que Patrick.

Hace unos días leí en algún lado que cuando te aferrás a una persona y no la dejás ir hacés cosas como atesorar cada sms, mail, etc…

Anteayer me senté sobre el celular, la pantalla se quedó negra y no hacía nada. Saco la batería y lo vuelvo a encender. Perdí todos los mensajes y borradores. Perdí el mensaje que me mandaste después la primera noche en que nos conocimos en el 2008. Historia para otro día si encuentro una forma de anonimizarla.

Preciso olvidar, pero a otra persona.


Estamos los dos juntos,  cada uno en su mundo, pero mas unidos que nunca.

“che no doy mas del sueño, me duermo un rato” – Le digo, y me recuesto sobre su espalda para dejarme llevar hacia un agradable y profundo sopor.

Como si nada sigue chiqui que chiqui tejiendo. Mas tarde (horas quizás?) vuelvo en mí, si bien tengo los ojos cerrados creo percibir todo. Estás haciendo otra cosa. Me quedo escuchando mesmerizado, sabiendo que no te percataste de que estoy pendiente de tus acciones.

Justo cuando decido por fin despertar comenzás a moverte y me acomodás suavemente contra el respaldo. Siento tu respiración recorriéndome el cuello para luego cesar abruptamente. Seguís ahí?


Abro los ojos y te encuentro.

Esta semana me dijeron…

“no es cuestión de casarse con el primer gil que se te cruza” (parafraseando la canción, pero debo ser el tercero o cuarto a esta altura…)

“te voy a hacer la mister té” – La misma petisa cocorita hincha de All Boys del otro día.

Think in English

– “I think we sholud mate”

– mmm’kay , pero es medio tarde y casi no queda yerba.

– “Precisely”. [smooch…]

– tee hee…

y después suena el despertador. La que lo tiró, ya no se puede soñar tranquilo.