LCD Lightbox

It costed almost nothing but some screws and metal angles. Things I picked up from the street / junk:

  • Glass
  • Wooden angles
  • Old Acer laptop, not worth repairing. For this I took the screen only. Touchpad, drives and some other things left aside for another project.

Things already on hand:

  • Scanner (umax 1220p). I used its inverter because the one from the screen was broken. It served me well but the mirrors are very frayed, there’s moisture in the ccd and besides that it needs a parallel port, wich I don’t have at the moment.

Looks like something from the trash? Why yes! And I like it that way. It runs happily with anything between 7v and 20v (all the power bricks laying around) and as a nice side effect that lets me select the color temperature from a mild pink to a colder white.

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