For the last seven days I had this disease. I could not remember being this sick since I was a kid and catched chickenpox.

The first three days were like hell. Fever, alternating states of extreme coldness and warmth, generalized pain and swelling and worst of all, toothache. If I had at hand a forceps I’d disposed of half of my tooth just to make it go away. (yes, I do have a set of dentistry tools in the shack but the weather wasn’t encouraging me to leave my home. No, sadly I don’t have the x-ray head nor the chair. I could certainly make a good use of a dentist chair, they are really comfy.). I even had to sleep with socks and long sleeved shirts (normally, in winters like this, I sleep with no additional clothes and a quarter window opened).

The idea of spending several days doing nothing wasn’t very appealing so I thought “If I’m going to be quiet doing nothing I’d better read so it’s not lost time.”. Well, moving was hard and trying to focus my sight on some books made me feel really odd so I strapped a wireless mouse to my chest, put a lot of blankets and the laptop on top to hold everything together. From time to time I passed out but I managed to read quite a lot, still can’t make heads or tails out of some topics but it’s better than nothing.

On the second day of this I gave up and it was a good move. The toothache made eating everything but liquids barely impossible and I felt weak, let alone in mood for studying.

The following days I slept in average 16 hours a day, somedays in a continuous chunk, others 8~9 and several naps. It was weird but ignoring the pain and dizziness I’d get sinusitis again just for the side-effects regarding the sleep and the dreams I had.

First. I don’t know how, but I woke up like a robot for medication before the clock rung, turned off the alarm and fell asleep again just like that. And the most important, dreams. Lots of dreams, strange, livid and I remembered almost each and every one, I just wished I had taken notes because now some are fading.

I dreamt a lot with tubes, vacuum tubes. Several times I dreamt that I was in what looked like a small town, humble, electronics store of the late 40’s shopping for a console radio. They were amazingly real, I could touch them, feel the veneer. I think I tried every Zenith from that era. Also I dreamt that one of my cat’s nest were filled with assorted tubes, I can recall seeing a 6L6G (love that bottle shape) and a pair of 807… and ‘we’ cuddled by the fireplace. Yes, I’m a tubehead weirdo.

Also I had a couple of lucid dreams that I’d rather not talk about but I woke with a big big smile.

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