Jardín Botánico Carlos Thays

I wanted to visit it since a long time and in February just happened that I had a work meeting a few blocks from it, so instead of heading to the subway entrance I drifted for a while.

Having a place like this in the middle of Buenos Aires seems like a dream, it reminds me a lot of Córdoba and some parts of La Plata and Berisso (mainly the Instituto Spegazzini and the, um, jungle? at isla Paulino). Outside of the main tracks there are very very quiet spots.

There are also a lot of cats, very nicely groomed and friendly towards people

The third one followed me around for a while and lost interest, until I bought cake from a couple of gals and a guy that looked like Eric Schenkman.

There are very nice buildings in an art noveau style inside but, by the time I got there they were closed. So I’ll have to come back.

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