All it takes it’s asking.

About a month ago I was at the bank.

Despite arriving a quarter before the opening hour there was already a long queue and once inside my ticket was number 29. That more or less means three hours of wait.

I carried on with the daily chores and went back, there was still a lot of people before me and I took a seat to rest for a while.

Next to me there was this couple talking, I didn’t quite listen to them but all of a sudden I catched that they had two tickets and were going to the same teller as me anyways. So I asked if they wanted to give me one.

And they said yes, moving me back to the 16. I was glowing in satisfaction. The rest of the people looked at me like some sort of criminal.

Not totally unrelated, last week we went to another bank to do some paperwork on a shared account. I arrived earlier and grabbed a ticket. The other owner was delayed and so I stepped on the middle of the hall asking if anyone wanted to trade my ticket for theirs. Everybody looked at me in disbelief, like, “what’s this wacko asking?”. Finally one slowly raised his hand, we traded places and everyone was happy.

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