Weekend worklog

This weekend was a bit slow.

A couple of days ago I started to learn FreeCAD, mostly for its FEM analysis mode and to build a couple of construction plans.

I made another part of the cable trays for our comms closet. Initially I wanted to use FreeCAD for that but at the end it was faster to do a bit of trig and sketch the cuts on paper. It’s held in place with a couple of rivets. I also added a layer of pvc to shield the cables from the metal edges. Fits like a glove.

Cable tray bend

I also started to build a steel support for one of the walls. We made a big opening for cables and I’m a bit uneasy about the lack of support.

Fun with a plasma cutter follows:

After a bit of planning I set up to cut some plates bought long ago on a scrapyard. The torch was in a very sorry state and at times felt more like gouging than cutting.

Some activities, like wielding a plasma torch are best not performed with sandals and light clothing.

With a good grinder this kind of cut should be easy. I brought the sensitive and tied a shaft coupling to the handle in order to hold it down. There are many words to describe this machine but stiff, strong and square are not among them.

After 15 minutes of noise I gave up as the cut barely progressed.

I went back to the torch and made the cuts with patience. It also saved a bit of time because I can bevel the plates too.

I sure have the best of the fitters here:

I did this side with 6013. Some days I make pretty nice welds but not today. It was horrible. I did a pass with 6010 to fix it (or make it less crippled). Then I found one of the lugs on the cable was loose.

For the other I used 7018. I set up the outside joint as 2G at shoulder level and made a couple of strings. On the inside I laid it on the table flat.

With 7018 I make nice stuff without even trying, there’s a bit of undercut though.

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