So, I bought a house

I still stand by my position stated some months ago but then a very good opportunity came by and I did the most sensible thing.

I bought a ticket for the Titanic house.

A nice place full of fruit trees. Three vines, a Fig, an all-year-round Lemon tree, Peach tree, Camphor, Blackberry, Pomegranate and Passiflora/Mburucuyá.

And on top of that it has a dance hall, with mirrors and a barre.

There’s a house, someplace behind all those weeds.

Brand New Old Home

One comment on “So, I bought a house

  1. Naturaleza pura !!!
    Es un regalo para el alma ese jardín !!.
    A programar a la sombra de esas hermosas plantas.
    Es en Argentina ??

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