Lazy afternoon at the foundry.

It’s not my fault if you start caring about grid systems, typefaces or history of writing instruments.
Design Fundamentals for Developers (MIX09):
The best three hours I spent this weekend. This is a workshop given by Robby Ingebretsen. Check out his original post at and grab the videos and slides from:

Part 1: Process
Part 3: Composition
Part 3: Visuals

Design Fundamentals for Developers: Slides

Random snippets:
The process of design is used to bring order from chaos and randomness.
Sorta like art & has a black shirt.
The alternative to good design is bad design, not no design at all (Douglas Martin).
Authenticity is invaluable; originality non-existant (Jim Jarmusch).
There is no color that is better than black. […] To me, black is black and red is color. (Massimo Vignelli).

Typography in 8 and 16 bit systems:
Discussion about the fonts used in the most influential systems of yesterday (and the fonts in ttf format available for download).

Typography in 8 bits system fonts
Typography in 16 bits system fonts

The 60s at grain edit:
This is where I go when I need something to inspire me