La Falda Winter 2016: Day 4

Today I went to Museo Municipal Capitán Juan de Cevallos at the old train station in Valle Hermoso visited the abandoned cinema (no pickable locks nor windows where I fit. The real estate agency wasn’t interested in touring me inside it.).

A couple of blocks away there’s a gemstone museum run by a very nice man that looks a bit like Victor Heredia. I bought some quartz, turmaline and malachite.

After that I headed to Reserva Natural Vaquerías.

I had a great time at the museum chatting with Luis about our collections, we traded cards. There is a very nice collection of old radios, cameras, medical equipment, coins and assorted minerals and fossils. However, the captions on many of those were redundant.

I didn’t take any pictures at the gemstone museum but the man there was really nice and chatty. After that I walked a bit towards an old cinema but wasn’t able to break into it.

Not very far from there there’s Reserva Natural Vaquerías. I went first to the road that leads to Cerro de la Cruz.

A bit before the trail to the Cerro de la Cruz there’s this old house.

I was able to climb to the roof thanks to a somewhat crumbling stairs on the back. This house also has a room with an inspection pit for cars.

On the front there’s a pile of old cans of bug poison (Shell and YPF).

According to a guy who was feeding horses nearby this house belonged to an old woman and the UNC took it from her.

Then I went to the top. I didn’t take many pictures. Just a bit before the end someone put wiring fences on the main trail.

From the wrecked house I was able to see what looks like a water tower, I descended towards it.

The same small corridor among the grass leads to the river. I walked back and headed to the Reserva. The heat and sun left me exhausted so I drove up to the top where there’s a forestal guard and another wrecked house.

There are two “approved” circuits, one that leads to Cascada del Ángel and another that goes to Cascada de los Helechos.
Given my situation and the impending sunset I chose the former.

It is a very nice trail that crosses lots of water streams. There were some horses drinking.

I started to walk with a group of people but let them go ahead for a while so I could take a bath alone. There’s this small cascade perfect for that.

This spot was wonderful to skinny dip. A group of teens and a woman that looked like their aunt caught me later. The woman smiled with a very naughty smirk.

( There are way too many naked pictures of me around if you care to look, so I won’t add more. )

A bit later I arrived at Cascada de los Helechos. The water is ice cold and the humid wind makes it more prominent.

On the way back I spotted more horses.

I arrived at the guard station with a bit of time left before sunset, but he said I better come back another day to go to Cascada del Ángel.

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