La Falda Winter 2016: Day 5

Today I woke up early and went to Plaza San Martín to have breakfast there.

The church (Parroquia Santísimo Sacramento) was open so I went inside for a peek. The stained glass panels look gorgeous with the morning sun. On a locked room behind bars and lots of furniture there’s an old computer running what appears to be a DOS program.

I like to think that someone set it up twenty years ago and locked there, she kept churning holy data. I wasn’t able to identify what was it running from the distance.

I headed to Cosquín and at a side of the route was this semi abandoned place, so naturally I had to take a look.

Some of the storage rooms upstairs seem to be used from time to time. The view from there is really nice, you can also peep at some other peoples backyards. On the stairs there’s a leather bag with clothes hidden among the steps.

Back again at the main level there was a very nice pair of gloves, I didn’t take them.

On another room there was quite a party. Lots of underwear and lingerie (mostly feminine) and lubed condom sachets. Safety first.

Then I went to Cosquín for a walk.

On a semaphore there were a couple of dudes juggling, I sat on the sidewalk to watch them and drink a bit. A nice old lady stopped by my side and gave me a $2 bill.

I continued my journey, after walking back and forth the main streets I bought some presents and went back to La Falda.

To complete the circle I fetched some food and had a quick dinner on a bench at Plaza San Martín.

There was a group of teens talking about their acid trips.

On the church is a very big banner talking about the ever growing drug situation.

The rest of the pictures are here:

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