La Falda Winter 2016: Day 6

Today I saw the sunrise from Cerro El Dragón and then went back to Vaquerías to follow the trail that goes to Cascada del Ángel.

On my way back I visited Museum Camín Cosquín. The owner was very generous, he opened it just for me and played the Blade Runner soundtrack. He was a bit intimidating turning on and off the lights from the console station, overlooking every step I did.

Sadly he was very strict in not letting me take any pictures inside, the minerals are breath taking, so wonderful.

Outside, I saw for the first time some insects besides mosquitoes. A wasp carrying a spider into her nest.

I woke up early and after a quick breakfast headed up Avenida Edén, ended again at Los Patos and disappeared into a small corridor among trees.

After a while I emerged at a road with an incredible view of the city.
Slowly the shadow becomes smaller and the city starts appearing (the sun is at my back on most of the pictures, it can not be seen, the mountain hides it)

There was another path leading to a higher point, I went there and then rode back to pick the car and go to Vaquerías again.

Today I could see that tower from another vantage point, it looks so small. It was quite a wonderful morning

Upon arriving the guard was nowhere to be seen so I took chance to look at some forbidden places.

There’s a barrier and a small road that goes down into a very quiet and abandoned river with spots to camp and make fire. A bit more downstream there’s a dam and rests of an old pumping station.

It was a bit difficult but I managed to get to the bottom of it, the air and water are really cold there and the rocks have a very slippery surface.

The view is amazing and totally worth it.

I crossed to the other side and took a look into the tubing, following it along until it disappeared. I almost fall after a false step.

Before going back to the main trail I took a quick dive. It was really, really cold and not very deep. It wasn’t that safe to jump from the top.

The road to Cascada del Ángel crosses through very nice water streams

The trail that returns to the stations has a lovely view of the mountains

I went to Plaza General Manuel Belgrano to rest a bit and eat.

Then I went to Museo Camín Cosquín.
It’s a mysterious place at the side of the route with a commendable collection of gemstones and fossils.

The owner was very kind. When I arrived he was quietly sitting at the shadow of a tree and opened it just for me, did all the dance of setting up the ticket booth and then walked me to the entrance.

On the middle of the exhibition there’s a U shaped table with lot’s of things for sale, he sat there looking at everything I did. As I moved from room to room he switched the lights and stared at me in silence. It was a bit creepy and the music (Blade Runner end by Vangelis) helped to create a mystic atmosphere.

It’s quite sad that he didn’t let me take a single picture of the insides.

At the stairs I saw the first couple of insects besides some flies, a wasp carrying a (not yet) dead spider into her nest. After managed to pull the body through a very small hole in the rocks.

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