Puerto Galván

After spending most of the morning walking around the hostel I picked up the car and headed for Puerto Galván as I was told that, maybe, I could reach the sea there.

I parked and walked towards one of the entrances. Upon arriving I was greeted by an old propeller:

There were silos and the associated conveyors, really big storage warehouses and an oil refinery. On most of those areas there are guards and signs forbidding the use of cameras or phones so no pictures.

Outside the refinery there are lots of oil pipes and rail tracks, most of them look well kept and used frequently.

As I walked towards that pipe over the tracks I reached an old iron water tank. I tried to climb to the top but the stair was really flaky and I backed out.

There was a cargo train by its side, it was very easy to get to the roof and walk a bit but all that iron was really hot from the sun. At the other side there’s an abandoned control house. Not very interesting, some signs of people sleeping and drinking but nothing else.

Walking back towards the parking lot there’s a very old wagon made almost entirely of wood. On the roof some birds made their nests and chirped cheerfully while I peeked inside.

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