Ingeniero White

After the walk at Puerto Galván I went to Ingeniero White with hopes of visiting Museo Ferrowhite.

As it is customary on Mondays the Museum was closed but I grasped this a bit later. Ingeniero White is not that big and can be walked fully in a couple of days. I parked near the fire station and with only a backpack full of water I started to explore.

The town’s heritage is due mostly to the Train, Ships and industries related to them and it shows.

Near Plaza Roberto Achával (he was a violinist for Anibal Troilo’s orchestra) there’s an old steam locomotive, the “General Pueyrredón”. Compared to others on my previous trip this one is a bit well maintained, even if lots of pieces are missing. I climbed and walked a bit on the roof. Then I managed to get inside the engine by crawling under the wheels. It’s quite a nice view.

Not very far from it on the corner of Guillermo Torres and General Belgrano there’s an abandoned house.

Peeking from a grating on Guillermo Torres the inside looks like some sort of old dance hall:

The entrance on the other street was forced and I got inside. There’s a pile of garbage and other remains that seem like at least three or four people sleep from time to time here.

Above the kitchen there’s a mural painting depicting the docks and siloes. Given its age it looks wonderful. This place on its heyday would surely be amazing filled with people.

After lurking inside I asked an old couple that was across the street, they told me that it was a Tanguería and later a cinema.

Then I went upstairs. The mezzanine is in a very bad shape and I almost fall through it. The view is breathtaking.

There’s also a crawlspace. I didn’t try too much to explore it as it looked like it could crumble into pieces at any moment. Among other things there’s part of film stock for the 1955s movie The Magnificent Matador, at the left is seen the optical track.

I left the property and drifted a bit, there is a quite nice and small park with benches and games. Lots of houses had very nice fronts.

I also found a stash of old papers, looks like someone died and they family just dumped everything on the street. Now I regret not picking up that letter and the credentials as they were of interest to the museum. When I returned they were long gone.

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