Walking on Bahía

After this morning excursion at the cemetery I returned to the hostel, had a quick lunch and worked for a couple of hours.

I then spent quite a bit of time walking inside the train station but it didn’t seem safe to be toying around with the camera there.
I drifted towards Avenida Alem, stopping at the Teatro Municipal for a while. I sneaked on the stage and watched a rehearsal.

Continuing on Alem I stopped at a bakery to grab some biscuits and ended up inside Casa de la Cultura (Universidad Nacional del Sur). There, Susana Cirille was inaugurating an exhibition of her marquetry work. Marquetry is the very fine and delicate art of using veneer to make pictures and Susana excels at that:

Universidad Nacional del Sur has a very colorful watertank:

On my way back to the hostel with a wonderful sunset I spotted some birds:

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