Saldungaray Cemetery

Today I packed everything and slowly started my trip back to Berisso.

I wanted to visit Sierra de la Ventana and so I took Ruta 72 instead. Before arriving there one must cross Saldungaray.

It’s quite a nice town signed by the works of Francisco Salamone, an architect surrounded by mystery.

His buildings, mostly on an art decó style, seem very alien to the towns. Notwithstanding that, they are designed with extreme consideration to details.

Entering the town at the side of the route flows the Arroyo Sauce Grande, a nice stream of water. The grass was handsomely arranged and it had a great view of the cemetery gate.

The front gate of the cemetery is an amazing display of beauty:

The day was quite windy and it made opening and closing the door a task more difficult than it should.
After that there was a room packed with dark blue birds. When they saw me all but a couple flew away

The gate from behind is equally big, the whole cemetery looks so out of place being on a lonely patch of land

Except for a small set of places the grass was very well tended, with flowers and cacti too.

Despite being smaller I like this one more than the Cemetery of Bahía Blanca. Some of the mausoleums are gorgeous and other parts of the cemetery look like there were undisturbed from 1800s, specially the grave fences.

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